Rhys Snubs Sienna

Rocker says actress ‘doesn’t deserve’ a tribute song
Tuesday , 19 August 2008
Rhys Snubs Sienna
Rhys pictured with Sienna before their very public break-up

Actor-turned-musician RHYS IFANS has refused to write about his break up with SIENNA MILLER on his band's new album - because she "doesn't deserve" a song.

The Alfie star – nicknamed Serial Miller - ended their year-long relationship in June and has reportedly been dating married actor BALTHAZAR GETTY.

And Rhys, who sings with Welsh rock band The Peth, denies his track Stonefinger from new album, The Golden Mile, was dedicated to his former
girlfriend, insisting it was written about a previous love.

He says, "No. She doesn't deserve a song, that one." For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter www.ahlanlive.com/newsletter