Rhys Ifans Finally Tamed!

06 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

He might soon get engaged to Anna Friel

We’re not sure how he does it. He doesn’t wash a lot, and disappears for days at a time with the likes of Kate Moss at extended parties. But despite hitting a career-high playing Spike in Notting Hill over a decade ago and turning 44 next year, Rhys Ifans manages to get some of the best-looking actresses around. The Welsh actor, who also plays in rock band The Peth, has dated Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly and was engaged to Sienna Miller, before being dumped for being too suspicious. His latest conquest is TV actress Anna Friel, and the pair are already set to start house-hunting for a family home in the UK in the New Year, with an engagement also on the cards. Anna, 35, ended her ten-year relationship with actor David Thewlis last year and hooked up with Rhys soon after. Perhaps Anna has managed what all the ladies in Rhys’s life failed to do before her – he’s started telling people life is about “compromise” and that “I’d love to have children, it would be nice, yes.” Good luck to them both!

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