ByAhlan! Live ReporterSunday , 17 May 2015

Call off the search – we’ve found a proper prawn cocktail! Packed with soft juicy little prawns, Marie Rose sauce and shredded lettuce, Rhodes’ version of this Seventies classic is just like the original, and we salute it. You won’t find oversized langoustine escaping over the side of the bowl, or rogue lumps of fruit implanted by chefs bent on a twist. It’s authentic, nostalgic and perfect. 

The menu is divided into small plates, big plates, side plates and sweet plates. We love its unpretentious simplicity. 

Welsh Rarebit is a kind of cheese on toast dreamt up in the valleys – Rhodes adds smoked haddock to the mix for his take on this classic comfort food. Also on the menu is shepherd’s pie with homemade HP sauce, chicken Kiev and ‘Brick Lane’ curry made with cauliflower, mushroom and potato. It’s culinary journey through an average British childhood, only the cooking is far better than it ever was in the Seventies. 

Ever tried nutmeg ice cream? It perfectly complements the silky egg tart and is so delightful we’re surprised this flavour hasn’t been marketed by the big frozen dessert brands. Are you listening, Häagen-Dazs?