Revealed: The jobs employers are looking to fill

Are you in one of these five professions?
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 01 August 2017
Revealed: The jobs employers are looking to fill

Looking for a job in the UAE?

A lot of people are, but those in some professions are at an advantage. Engineers, accountants and sales executives are among the top skills high in demand in UAE today, reports Gulf News.

The newspaper reports that the latest vacancies featured on showed high levels of demand for candidates with engineering, accounting and sales qualifications. Other skills that are also highly in demand include customer and healthcare services staff, as well as information technology professionals. There are also plenty of opportunities for administrative roles.

Gareth El Mettouri, associate director at Robert Half UAE, said factors such as the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) are fueling recruitment for accountants, financial modellers and finance business partners across real estate and development, fast-moving consumer goods and logistics industries.

He also gave insights on the tech front.

“Digital transformation also continues to be an area of opportunity for technology professionals. Businesses are looking at opportunities to move their customer service online and streamline their e-commerce offerings to tap into new markets. Roles requiring expertise in coding, business intelligence and data analytics are growing in demand.”

Here is a summary of the most popular jobs in the UAE:

  1. Engineers
  2. Sales executives
  3. Customer service staff
  4. Administrative staff
  5. Accountants

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