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Revealed! Prince Michael's Hollywood Dreams

23 Jun 2014

Michael Jackson's son is gearing for a career in showbiz

Like father, like son - well, sort of. Michael Jackson's eldest son is determined to carve out a career in showbusiness but without relying on his family's famous name.

Prince Michael stepped into the limelight in 2013 by working as a reporter for US celebrity news show Entertainment Tonight.

He went on to make his acting debut in teen drama 90210 and now reveals he is keen to become an all-rounder in the industry, working as a presenter, actor and director.

However, the 17-year-old is adamant he will not use the Jackson name to open doors, insisting he is desperate to make it on his own merit.

He told The Sun on Sunday, "I don't expect to walk into roles because of who I am. I want to learn my craft. My plan is to work for TV companies, doing what I did for Entertainment Tonight. I had such great fun working for that show and doing interviews. I learned a lot. The feedback I got was really great, too. I want to get more experience."

He added, "We all love movies and I would like to be a director one day. But to be a good director you have to know how an actor works and feels on set. I want to learn my craft and experience being in TV shows and possibly movies before I even consider going behind the camera. It is not a job to be taken lightly. You need to put your time into learning something properly before overseeing others."

The teenager also spoke about his tragic father ahead of the fifth anniversary of his death on 25 June. He added, "It's tough. This will be the fifth anniversary of his death... He was the best father anybody could have. He raised us the right way and there is nothing anyone can do to make us forget about him."