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Revealed! Beauty Habits of Women in the Gulf

25 Jun 2014

Jergens share the beautilicious results of their research

Ladies in the Gulf definitely take beauty very seriously! Jergens conducted research about women’s beauty habits in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and here’s what they discovered.

Physical appearance is very important to women in the Gulf, with 92% of women in Saudi Arabia and 86% of women in UAE linking physical appearance with success.

In fact, more than 70% percent of women in both countries always try to look their best, no matter what the occasion, with half of the women in Saudi Arabia even avoiding any personal appearances and professional meetings if they feel they do not look their best.

But beauty comes at a price! One of four women in UAE and Saudi Arabia spend around Dhs496 per month on beauty products; while half of the women buy these products based on their friends’ recommendations, the other half are more likely to buy products of beauty brands with good reputations.

Jergens also found that 74% of women in Saudi Arabia and 63% of women in the UAE find that healthy skin gives them even more confidence than make-up! We agree!