Reusable cup owners now get discount at Costa

11 Mar 2019

Two dirhams off our coffee? Yes please

Listen up, everyone: Costa Coffee UAE is launching a new initiative which gives coffee drinkers Dhs2 off their purchase when they bring in any reusable cup.

It's all in support of the UAE Vision 2021 around sustainability, and is a bid to reduce paper wastage across the region.

It's so simple, just bring in your cup, order any coffee drink (including traditional lattes and cappuccinos, as well as Iced drinks, such as Cold Brew or iced coffee) and you'll reap the rewards.


And in addition to supporting saving the planet, the deal will also help us UAE residents save a pretty penny on their daily coffee, with Dhs14 saved per week if a reusable coffee cup is used, and a huge Dhs730 saved annually. Woah. 

We're very much available for this tasty offer. 

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