Bill Murray

The Return of Ghostbusters

18 Jan 2011

Team GB (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson) are back!

Why? Anyone raised during the 1980s will no doubt be ecstatic at the news that the Ghostbusters are back! Legendary director Ivan Reitman has gone back to his nostalgic roots and is poised to shoot his third installment of the spooky comedy after 21 years. All four of the original Ghostbusters – Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson – have signed up to reprise their characters with Aykroyd even teaming up with Reitman to write the comeback script. However, sources insist the movie’s on hold until they get Murray’s approval – “Bill’s yet to read the script but everyone’s certain he’ll love it.” And with Sigourney Weaver also signed up to reprise her role as Murray’s bit of crumpet, we’re sure he’ll sign on the dotted line.