Restaurant Review: Wheeler's of St James, DIFC

It’s a seafood-fest of epic proportions at Marco Pierre White’s latest Dubai restaurant
Wednesday , 09 January 2013
Restaurant Review: Wheeler's of St James, DIFC
Menu must-have: Grilled Plaice with nut butter and capers, Dhs280

Wheeler's of St James,
Address: DIFC Gate Village
Tel: 04 386 0899

With so many upscale eateries in Dubai, meals often merge into a blur of overpriced foams and stacks of unnaturally moulded ingredients perched on football-pitch-sized plates. Bravo to Marco for bringing us generous portions of food that haven’t been primped and preened to beyond all recognition! Wheeler’s relies simply on the finest quality seafood prepared so as to celebrate rather than detract from its glorious natural flavours. The seafood platters are served stacked on ice with wedges of lemon and some side sauces. That’s it. And that’s why it works. I had to ask if every plate that came to the table was just for one person. A single serving of bouillabaisse came packed with three giant tiger prawns, half a dozen mussels, langoustines, sea bass, monkfish and cockles. You get the picture… Seafood aside, the desserts were also drool-worthy – the apple and blackberry crumble with clotted cream has found a special place in my heart. Wheeler’s is firmly on the list of faves for 2013.

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