Restaurant Review: Voi

12 Mar 2013

There’s nothing better than afternoon tea with mum and Vôi provides the perfect menu and setting for a special treat

Our restaurant of the month was inspired by the best meal for mums and daughters to share and what could be better than afternoon tea? Particularly the one they’re serving at at Vôi in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. The Vietnamese and French Colonial restaurant has a Chanel-inspired design with monochromatic chairs brightened by lime greens and shimmering crystals. Overlooking the hotel pools and greenery it’s an ideal setting for some quality time with mum.

On the menu
With the scene set, we focus on the food – a three-tiered affair filled with sweet and savoury snacks infused with Asian flavours. It wouldn’t be afternoon tea without scones and Vôi’s versions are cinnamon and star anise-flavoured, and served with mixed berry jam, and mango and litchi clotted cream. The scones are gorgeously fluffy and the fruity accompaniments make an interesting change to the classic. Another signature is the lemongrass crème brulée that delivers an unexpected Asian kick along with the lush creaminess of the custard.

For savoury snacks the rice paper rolls with tiger prawn and foie gras were delicious with the bite of the prawn offset against the creaminess of the liver. The herbs and vegetables delivered freshness and crunch to counter the richness. The lettuce cups with poached chicken salad were light and healthy, making you feel slightly better about the other indulgences.


Time for tea
There’s a library of teas available at Vôi, here’s what to expect... 

Golden Assam, India
This tea is made from whole leaves with golden tips that enhance the robust flavour.

Darjeeling Summer Time, India

Considered the champagne of tea, Darjeeling is very light with a delicate flavour and requires no more than two minutes of brewing. 

Flavoured green tea: Jasmine Pearls, China
This tea is made from handpicking and rolling precisely two leaves and one bud. This is then kept in cloth with jasmine flower for three days until the flavour infuses.

White tea: White Yin Long, China

This high-quality tea is made solely from buds and was historically served exclusively to royalty. It has a totally different flavour to other teas, has no caffeine and a light taste with a touch of sweetness.

INFO: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, West Crescent, Palm Jumeirah, 04 453 0444,