Restaurant Review: The Stables’ Racecourse

03 Apr 2012

The new restaurant tackles the equine-inspired theme, and triumphs – race you there!

INFO: The Stables Restaurant, Sheikh Zayed Road, 04 3425571.

Getting a theme restaurant right can be a tricky thing, as anyone who has been underwhelmed or dazed and confused by some of the versions in Dubai knows. That’s why we’re happy to report that entering newly-opened The Stables Bar & Restaurant evokes an impressive sense of all things equine. Right at the door, you’re greeted by a regal statue of a horse against the backdrop of a stained-glass window. Inside, the first floor houses the bustling bar that has paddocks to dine in. And on the second floor is the restaurant Racecourse, complete with chandeliers, dark floors, equine-inspired art and pics as well as tables named after famous racecourses. The Meydan table on the mezzanine is the one you want to sit at to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire restaurant and feel rather like you’re a racing veteran.    

The menu is short and crisp, and we recommend you start by ordering the delish poached quail. Risotto adds to the comfort food feel of it but the dish doesn’t leave you feeling stuffed, which will set you up nicely for The Home Straight – the main course. They’ve got everything from duck breast and beef filet to vegetarian strudel and there are some pretty interesting sauces in the mix too – star anise, anyone? If you’re in the mood to personalise your dinner, pick from the selection of cut meat (filet, sirloin and rib-eye) and fresh fish (sea bass, hammour and red snapper) of the day on display. Your selection will be served with the side dishes of your choice – potatoes, veggies, rice or spinach.

The Final Furlong on the menu includes sweet treats and there’s also The Stables’ collection of cheeses. We picked the lemon meringue tart and it was a true tangy triumph, made even more perfect by a touch of chocolate.

We were at Racecourse on a Thursday night and it was quiet, with just one other table occupied, so if you’re looking for a livelier vibe, get food from the restaurant delivered to the more dynamic bar downstairs.

As we were leaving, we had a chat with Alex Bracken, the man behind The Stables concept, and he described Racecourse’s menu as a work in progress. He admits to asking diners their opinion about the food, confesses that they’ve been brutally honest about what doesn’t work, and promises to consider the changes they’ve suggested. So when you’re there, you know who to speak with to turn Racecourse into what you want it to be!

On The Menu…

Poached quail stuffed with morelles and wild mushrooms risotto, Dhs75

Beef filet cheval, mille feuille of crispy potatoes and truffle sauce,  Dhs19

Lemon meringue tart, Dhs50

HOT TIP: Head to the Friday Carvery from 2pm to 5pm at Racecourse. It’s a steal at Dhs222!