Restaurant Review: Sophie's, Riva, Palm Jumeirah

09 Oct 2012

Sophie has got ready-to-go lunches covered

INFO: Sophie’s, Building 8 Shoreline, Palm Jumeirah,  04 332 8006. 

Sophie’s has become my go-to spot for a quick, healthy lunch made with fresh ingredients. With the food pre-made and on display there’s a minimal wait, which is perfect when you’re the unattractive mixture of hungry and impatient, as I often am. Essentially, I’m not a salad type of girl, so the combo of Chicken Milanese (chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried) with Greek salad provides the right amount of sustenance. The chicken is soft and moist against the crunch of the cucumber and salty, creamy feta of the salad. Liven up the chicken with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice and you’re good to go. My reliable sources are fans of the rich moussaka and the fresh beetroot salad. If you’re not there for the salads then there are cakes galore. Sophie may just be my NBF…

On The Menu…

Three salad sampler Dhs45
Individual salad Dhs18
Poached or grilled norwegian salmon with two salads Dhs72
Chicken milanese with choice of two salads Dhs60
Melba cake Dhs26
Banana cake Dhs18