Restaurant Review: Sapori di Bice

Authentic and good-quality Italian in Dubai’s new lifestyle hot spot
ByOlivia SpadavecchiaThursday , 23 January 2014
The restaurant has a rustic vibe
The restaurant has a rustic vibe
Kale is served with tangy tangerine
Kale is served with tangy tangerine

The Bice group has a reputation for top-class, if overpriced, Italian food, so the opening of a more casual spin-off is great news. And the group has really delivered with this new Citywalk outlet; it has a simple rustic setting with an extensive menu and the price-point is easier to swallow.
For a light lunch, there’s a whole page of salads on the menu including everything from lentils with lime dressing to endive with gorgonzola and our fave, the kale with tangerine. As expected, the pastas are out of this world and all made in-house by hand. I loved the ravioli stuffed with a mixture of spinach, veal and beef topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. But it may have been eclipsed, ever so slightly, by the gnocchi with pesto and tomato sauce with a touch of cream. Pillow-like potato bites are encased in a tasty but not overpowering sauce – it’s blissful.
Food nerds will love the fact that you can see the chef throwing logs onto the rotisserie fire as it churns out a juicy selection of lightly charred chicken, veal, lamb and beef. For dessert, Sapori di Bice’s chocolate fondant sits high on the list of Dubai’s best. Your plate floods with rich chocolate when you cut into it and there’s none of that undercooked taste that can accompany the coveted ooziness.
With Italian chefs at the helm you’re guaranteed a legitimate Italian experience whether you’re there for breakfast, delicate afternoon tea, lunchtime pizza or a hearty pasta supper. Buon appetito!

INFO: 8am-11.30pm daily, Citywalk, Al Safa, Dubai, 04 344 2550,

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