Restaurant Review: Ramusake, JBR

The Asian restaurant making DoubleTree by Hilton the area’s most sought-after dining destination
BySarah Hedley HymersWednesday , 08 March 2017
Restaurant Review: Ramusake, JBR
When a restaurant is busy on a Saturday night, you know it's doing somthing right; when it can still serve your whole order (five dishes and a bottle of water) within an hour, you know the service is tight. Running like clockwork, with friendly staff and innivative Asian sharing plates, Ramusake is a resounding hit on all levels - food, vibe and decor.
On Wednesdays it hosts what’s currently Ahlan!’s favourite ladies’ night in town, with free-flowing grape from 8pm to 12midnight, and the Japanese izakaya- or bar-style dining experience throughout the menu fits the bill perfectly. 
Share dishes such as my personal faves: tuna tartare, yuzu avocado served in a cute cut-out lime cup with sheets of crispy seaweed (Dhs60), and ‘Scallop Truffle’, slithers of silky scallop on creamy black truffle with a tiny crunch from razor-thin slices of cucumber in a ponzu dressing (Dhs80).   
There are also dishes imported direct from Ramusake London, such as the tuna sashimi pizza with wasabi tobiko and truffle cream cheese (Dhs75), and the Italian-Japanese fusion dumplings of cheese and truffle where pasta meets Asia in the mouth (Dhs60). 
The signature short rib was a little too sweet for my palate, but that’s a small quibble, easily rectified by the word “sweet” being inserted before “soy glaze” on the menu’s description. Just saying. INFO: Ramusake, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai, Jumeirah Beach – The Walk, 04 559 5300, 
SIGNATURE DISH: Glazed Beef Short Rib, Dhs195 
Following 18 hours of slow cooking in an English mustard marinade and a vacuum pouch, the beef short rib is ready for a brush of sweet soy glaze and a stint on the robata charcoal grill. It’s then artfully presented alongside a refreshing spinach and bean sprout relish.  
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