Restaurant Review: Omnia Baharat, Mall of the Emirates

Restaurant Review: Omnia Baharat, Mall of the Emirates

16 Jun 2016

The ultimate iftar for health-conscious shopaholics

Celebrity chef Silvena Rowe is bursting with energy. Bright-eyed and full of laughter, and an ardent advocate of clean eating, she’s a walking advert for her own menus. Eat well and you’ll glow – that’s Silvena’s motto, and it works. Currently, she’s at the helm of five outlets, dashing between Omnia by Silvena, Omnia Gourmet, Omnia Blue, Omnia Glow and Omnia Baharat. The latter, in Mall of the Emirates, will remain open during Ramadan, offering a special iftar in addition to the a la carte menu.

The food here draws inspiration from all corners of the globe, from Moroccan tagines to Thai green curry. Must-try dishes include the taouk kebabs made with either free-range chicken or hammour, and the velvety hummus, loaded with organic chickpeas and just a touch of Turkish olive oil.

Don’t skip dessert – there are plenty of guilt-free options to choose from. The insanely delicious Sheikha ckes are a firm favourite. The crunchy case formed from blended dates and nuts holds various fillings: The Bounty Style Sheikha is a creamy coconut creation and the dreamy Nutella Style Sheikha has alternating layers of rich homemade peanut butter and chocolate mousse. They’re dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free, but they taste so good. INFO: Omnia Baharat, Mall of the Emirates, Level 2