Restaurant Review: M's Seafood Bistro

26 Apr 2012

More delish hammour and lobster than you can shake a stick at

M’s Seafood Bistro
Address: Le Méridien, Garhoud
Times: 12.30pm to 11pm daily (closed for lunch on Friday)
Tel: 04 702 2455,

We take seafood quite seriously here at Ahlan! HQ and will happily travel to the ends of the earth to discover more of it. And so we headed from our offices in Media City to the newly opened M’s Seafood Bistro in Garhoud. Sister restaurant to M’s Beef Bistro, the newcomer doesn’t make a garish show of its speciality – the plates have some piscine illustrations but no in-your-face fish tanks or forced signs of fishiness in the decor here. The ambience is actually rather homely with comfy yellow chairs and chocolate brown tables.
Of course, the real test of a good seafood place is in the seafood itself. And this is where M’s Seafood Bistro mostly delivers. The flavours in our garlic prawns could have been more heightened but we appreciated their smoky, buttery texture. The crab and vegetable spring rolls, understated by themselves, got a dash of personality thanks to the curry dip.
For our main course, we ordered royal hammour served on a bed of thickly sliced roasted bananas with lime juice. Who’d have thought that the sharpness of lime juice would gel so well with the sweetness of bananas? The side of nutty spinach with almonds made it taste even more amazing. The rice pilaf, sautéed button mushrooms and ratatouille, all nicely done, worked well with the fish too.
Next up was the lobster thermidor, prepared right at our table. While cooking, the chef added white sauce, butter, shallots and a special herb sauce. The end result was rich, creamy and perfectly cooked all the way through.
Stuffed to the core, we still managed to order blueberry cheesecake. Its biscuit layer was neither too thick nor too thin and the crunchy caramelised crushed hazelnut on the top hit the spot.
Plus, the chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream – gooey inside and cake-like outside – had all the things that make us go “Mmmm”. We see ourselves heading down to Garhoud again soon! 

On The Menu...

Garlic prawns Dhs40
Crab and vegetable spring rolls with cucumber slaw and curry dip Dhs76

Royal hammour with roasted bananas and lime sauce Dhs85
Lobster thermidor Dhs185

Blueberry cheesecake with hazelnut Dhs38
Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream Dhs45