Restaurant Review: Minato, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Authentic Japanese in elegant surroundings. Let yourself be transported...
Tuesday , 13 March 2012
We couldn’t say no to the award-winning sushi
We couldn’t say no to the award-winning sushi
We loved the artistic presentation!
We loved the artistic presentation!

We are big sushi fans over here at Ahlan! and when we heard the words “Japanese food” and “buffet,” we had to check it out. The Radisson Blu, Dubai Deira Creek’s Minato restaurant is for sushi lovers who want to sample the delicacies of Japan without the costly plane ticket. The food is authentic, with very little fusion this or that to be found, and the décor is spot-on. We loved all the different small dining rooms to choose from, including a private room where guests can sit on the floor in legless chairs.

When sampling Japanese food, it would be remiss not to start with the fish! As Minato has won awards for their sushi and sashimi, that was our first request. The variety of raw fish came to us in an elegant stoneware dish and was big enough for two. The octopus sashimi, fresh shrimp and tuna sushi were standouts. Moving from cold to hot, we followed our appetiser with a simple cod teriyaki, which won points with our palates for the not-too-sweet teriyaki sauce. For you meat-lovers out there, don’t fret! The restaurant also cooks up a thick Wagyu fillet mignon that will wow you with its texture and flavour.

If you can’t choose between meat and fish, the restaurant’s sushi and teppanyaki buffet nights on Monday, Thursday and Saturday are a great choice. For Dhs198 per person, you and your BFFs can sample sushi, sashimi, tempura, hot dishes, salads, teppanyaki beef, chicken and white fish fillet along with live cooking stations. We didn’t cook our dessert of tempura ice cream ourselves, but we did have to ask the staff how you fry ice cream without having it turn into a soupy mess? Very quickly, we were told. The vanilla ice cream is wrapped in a thin layer of bread and dunked in oil heated to 180 degrees for about a minute. It might not have been good for our waistlines, but it was great for our taste buds. Though we considered it, we weren’t adventurous enough to try the wasabi ice cream, but if hot is your style, we dare you to dive in!

On the menu...

Maguro Tataki (seared tuna with white radish and seaweed), Dhs55

Makunouchi Bento (selection of Japanese delicacies including tempura and sashimi), Dhs130

Tempura ice cream, Dhs32

HOT TIP: Try the fried and battered edamame instead of the classic steamed style. We know frying the low-cal veggie isn’t the healthiest way to go, but it sure was delish!

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