Restaurant Review: Mazina, The Address, Dubai Marina

12 Apr 2012

It’s a carnivore’s dream at a meat-themed night at Mazina...

Ground floor, The Address, Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 436 7777

Dubai has no shortage of good steakhouses. The likes of Grand Grill and Ruth’s Chris know their meat and serve it well. Non-carnivore havens however, as a general rule, rarely hit the mark. You know the places – where the menu is ‘European’ with a steak thrown in amongst a curry and a pasta dish. It’s for this reason that we were a little apprehensive about Mazina’s meat night – when diners can choose steak, ribs or chops as a main.

I needn’t have worried.

From our table on the restaurant’s balcony overlooking the marina, we chose the steak and the ribs, as well as a selection of sides and sauces. Once we’d made our decision, we headed to the salad bar to pick our starters. Salad bars are notoriously hit-and-miss affairs but this version was almost entirely a hit. Salads – from traditional Waldorf to Arabic fattoush – were fresh and there was a wide range of different breads and deslish nibbles like olives and hummus.

The meaty main event was a carnivore’s dream. The steak was cooked as ordered (medium rare), the ribs tasty and not too chewy. We’d opted for the barbeque and dubiously-named Monkey Gland sauces; the latter entirely because we were curious about the name. Turns out it’s a spicy tomato sauce from South Africa – a bit like mixing hot sauce and tomato ketchup together.

Sides included a creamy, if a little lumpy, mash, roasted root veggies (the squash, sprinkled with rosemary, was a standout), and buttered beans, which still had a little bit of crunch – just the way they should.

At this stage, we were very, very full, and the food we left on the plate was purely because we were ambitiously leaving room for dessert.

A sweet ending came in the form of part-à la carte, part-buffet options. We could pick from a range of cakes and ice cream, as well as freshly cooked pancakes or waffles. We went for the hokey pokey ice cream, again, a choice driven by our curiosity, and the waffles. While the waffles might not stand up against those in Belgium, they were light, sweet and hit the spot. The hokey pokey ice cream was the real hit though. Laced with honey, it now sits high on the list of our favourite flavours.

While the interior is a little too cavernous to be intimate, the balcony is a rare gem in Dubai’s Marina, where it’s surprisingly tough to find a restaurant with water views and a license to serve vino. We’ll definitely be back!

Ribs, Chops and Steak night is on Thursday and Friday, 6.30pm to 11pm