Restaurant Review: Le Deck, Monte Carlo Beach Club

If you're craving great seafood, look no further than this award-winning restaurant
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 07 May 2012
Restaurant Review: Le Deck, Monte Carlo Beach Club
Seat yourself at the poolside for a spectacular view of the expanse of the sea

Le Deck
Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 656 3500
Dress code: Smart-casual
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Times: 11am to 3pm and 6pm, Sunday to Thursday, 7am to 11pm, Friday to Saturday
Price Range: $$$

If you are in Abu Dhabi and have a sudden craving for great seafood, then look no further than the award-winning Le Deck. The open kitchen serving specialties of the French and Italian rivieras and the Levant is sure to bring back memories of a fun Mediterranean trip. Seat yourself at the poolside, from where you get a spectacular view of the expanse of the sea and admire the landscape as you tuck into your delish bites. The lobster consommé served with creamy mascarpone is the perfect starter, as is the scallops cooked in sweet pumpkin purée – the sugary tinge blends well with the scallops. Have another lobster, this time in its poached format, cooked in extra virgin olive oil and served with tender greens for the main course – it’s flavoursome and succulent and we guarantee you won’t suffer from a lobster overdose! It is complemented well by the fragrant bouillabaisse, which is rich and perfumed with fennel and leeks. If you are not in the mood for more seafood, go for the juicy Australian rump steaks. The dessert options include the healthy Greek yoghurt ice cream served with honey and rhubarb and the decadent Grand Marnier soufflé oozing with chocolate sauce. Decadent? You bet!

On the Menu

Lobster consommé, Dhs80
Scallop, Dhs95           

Risotto Milanese, Dhs90         
Extra virgin olive oil poached lobster, Dhs330           

Grand Marnier soufflé, Dhs45
Chocolate cigar, Dhs60