Restaurant review: Le Classique

We revisit one of Dubai's oldest restaurants to try its new menu
BySarah Hedley HymersMonday , 30 November 2015
Restaurant review: Le Classique

It’s time to revisit one of Dubai’s oldest restaurants to sample its impressive new menu

With so many new restaurants opening in Dubai every week, it’s easy to forget the old favourites, so this week, following the launch of their new menu, I’d like to remind you about Le Classique. Still standing after 26 years in one of Dubai’s greenest landscapes, the Emirates Golf Club, host to the Omega Dubai Desert Classic tournament, the views from the terrace are rolling waves of manicured grass with the sort of sport stadium lighting that always makes me feel like something exciting is about to happen.


Large gleaming oak tables, low lighting and fine linen tablecloths lend the venue a classy gentleman’s club vibe and the dishes are picture-perfect. The amuse bouche was a delicious first impression –octopus with a crisp skin, served in an olive oil, dotted with herbs, diced tomato and pine nuts, topped with crushed pistachio. The unexpectedly winning combination showed Chef Remi has a highly sophisticated pallet, years or technical experience and a side order of culinary genius.



Following that with a generous perfectly formed circle of succulent shredded Russian king crab and white asparagus topped with a crunchy round crust of aged parmesan, I was almost full, but I couldn’t stop there. Slow-cooked pork belly with aniseed jus was next. If you haven’t tried aniseed and pork, do it now – they work together better than Batman and Robin. I was also impressed to see sprouts make a rare appearance in the medley of veg surrounding the stack of meat, which was topped with slices of crispy juicy crackling. This, for me, was better than any icing on a cake.

INFO: Le Classique, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, 04 417 9999,


STARTER: French onion soup, Dhs65
MAIN: Salmon with wasabi pea puree and turnip in Thai broth, Dhs150
DESSERT: Nutella mouse with crispy hazelnut, Dhs65

STARTER: Foie gras terrine, Dhs130
MAIN: Duck breast with peppers and smoked broccoli, Dhs350
DESSERT: Crepe Suzette, Dhs95



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