Restaurant Review: Giannino, Meydan Beach, Dubai

03 Oct 2012

The Italian classic brings the flavours of Milan to Dubai

Address: Meydan Beach
Tel: 04 433 3777

This restaurant has travelled far from its roots in Milan where it started as an eatery way back in 1899. It survived two world wars and emerged unscathed with two Michelin stars, and now it’s in Meydan Beach Club for your dining pleasure. Offering modern interpretations of Italian classics, the flavour combos here are spot-on and the execution is sophisticated. The dishes may veer a bit close to the border of dullsville, so make exciting menu decisions rather than opting for the tried-and-tested. We did that with the grilled octopus tentacle and it was a revelation! Other recommendations are the velvety smooth pumpkin soup with sautéed mushroom – the textures are a perfect medley in your mouth. The langoustine carpaccio also melts away on the tongue. This is delicate food that’s perfect for a classy (but pricey) date night!

On The Menu…
Splurge vs. Steal

Langoustine carpaccio Dhs135
San Marzano’s and aubergine terrine Dhs75
Grilled wagyu sirloin Dhs420
Coal grilled octopus Dhs170
Homemade Tiramisu Dhs60
Mango and strawberry cheesecake Dhs45