Restaurant Review: Burger Rebel, Wafi

23 Oct 2012

Foie gras slider, anyone? This quirky new burger joint is where you'll find it and lots more that's on the right side of rebellious

Burger Rebel
First floor, Wafi
Tel: 04 324 4252 

Graffiti on the walls, vinyl on the chairs and menus on iPads: Burger Rebel scores on novelty even before you get to the food. Admittedly, the food's more exotically adventurous (think foie gras slider) than grittily rebellious but all that we tried was radically good.

Get warmed up with the Rebel Wings, which are deboned chicken wings with a sprinkling of parmesan and sweet chili sauce on the side. Just the right size and flavourful, they make for a good light bite.

Next up for us was the Burger Rebel aka the sliced beef tongue slider. Don't be queasy and give in to the succulent starter made even more of a hit dressed with horseradish mayonnaise. The foie gras slider was rich, as expected, but the ingredient didn't seem misplaced in a slider. It's a strong taste any which way, so if you enjoy foie gras, this will work for you.

Meanwhile, vegetarians can order the Forestière slider made with a massive grilled mushroom that's got a hearty, earthy flavour. Note: All sliders come as triples –  three mini burgers on home-baked buns – and they don't yet let diners mix and match different varieties on a platter. So unless you're really hungry or in a large group, these could fill you up quickly.

For your mains, we recommend trying the superb seafood hot dog, packed with cream Dory, salmon and prawns. It's served with the fluffiest fennel mashed potatoes and lemon butter sauce – delish! They've also got rabbit and venison hot dogs, if you're so inclined.

We were too stuffed for dessert, thought the sweet corn cake (Dhs37) sounded intriguing, but did find space to munch on the excellent beetroot chips through our meal.    

On the Menu
Rebel Wings Dhs25
Burger Rebel Dhs35
Forestière slider Dhs52
Foie gras slider Dhs110
Seafood hot dog Dhs75
Beetroot chips Dhs15

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