On Rekindling a Romance

Anjanette Harry explains why reuniting with a former flame is never a good idea
Tuesday , 03 May 2011
On Rekindling a Romance
Three’s a crowd…not when you’re Demi, Ashton and Bruce

As relationship rules go, I’m a firm believer in, ‘thou shall not go where thou has been before’, or something like that. I just can’t understand why there would be a need to be friends with someone you’ve already been in a relationship with. Is it a fear of letting go? A reluctance to throw out the old and embrace the new? Yes!

I know guys will say ‘we’re better as mates blah blah blah’ and, admittedly, some people make better friends than lovers, but I think once you’ve dated someone, that dynamic is changed for ever. There is always going to be chemistry. Now, I’m no Katie Price (banning Alex Reid’s past girlfriends from their nuptials was a tad OTT), but I can sympathise when girls find themselves victims of the ex factor.

One of my friends confessed to me that her guy likes to meet up for ‘movie nights’ with his ex. Pardon? I nearly fell off my chair. There must’ve been a reason why they broke up, so why be bum chums now? If he’s still friends with his ex, you have to question the motive behind it. Even if a couple break up on good terms, there is always one party who is more keen to call time and, if it was her, there is cause for concern. After all, if she decides singledom isn’t all that great, she might wave the white flag and he’ll be hot footing it back to her.

Sometimes you just have to know when to draw the line; when to say sayonara and on’t let the door hit you on your way out. If my boyfriend continued to stay friends with his ex, especially if I asked him not to, I’d say hit the road Jack and don’t you come back. Not even as my friend...