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Rekha Tourani

17 Jun 2014

Emirates Hills

Rekha, her husband Mahesh and their sons Dusty and Tarun, have been happily ensconced in their Omar Moujaes-designed, golf-course facing, five-bedroom party pad for the past four years. They love Emirates Hills living. “My home is my haven,” Rekha says.

The Touranis are known for throwing legendary soirées and Rekha laughs that fulfilling this role was a key criterion when designing her home – she wanted a place where she could hold “parties, parties and more parties!” Paradoxically, perhaps, she also wanted her villa to be serene and spiritual. “We were very clear that we wanted a home that felt like a spa.”

The ace fit-out team AMBB (who are behind celebrated hotspots Zuma, La Petite Maison, Hakkasan and Cipriani), led by Peter Bruce, along with Super Potato (a Japanese contemporary interior team), were entrusted to bring the Tourani’s vision to life. And they certainly fulfilled their brief adroitly. The space flows beautifully and opens up to create an entertainment area that can be enlarged or made cosy, depending on the occasion. At the same time, they made sure they used azure water features, natural stone finishes, granite walls and an abundance of greenery, bonsai trees and soothing Buddhas, in every vista to create the serenity Rekha craved.

The entrance foyer packs an immediate visual punch thanks to a huge, beautifully lit, tree of life springing from the floor, complete with roots covered by glass that you can walk over to see its intricate beauty. This spellbinding scene, along with their first floor chill-out ‘Buddha room’ replete with soothing fountains and a huge stone Buddha, are Rekha’s favourite rooms.

Their superior pedigree and attention to detail is evident in the immaculate finishing, bespoke lighting and sumptuous materials used in the home – a showcase of quirky design, craftsmanship and specialised finishes.

Top Tips
● Bright, happy colours like gold and yellow are infectious; they create a happy family and a happy home.
● If you are after a spiritual home, an abundance of greenery and gentle water features will help provide a sense of contentment and calm.