Reif Othman

The chef that cooks from the heart at Play
Monday , 03 April 2017
Reif Othman
Reif Othman
  • In 2016, I was awarded Innovative Chef of the Year by Prochef and Play won Best Newcomer by TimeOut. 
  • I’m really proud to have my dedicated kitchen staff with me and giving their best at all times – I wouldn’t be where I am without them. 

  • The best advice I’ve received is from Chef David Mollicone, who said: "Be humble and cook from your heart. The rest will come naturally." He also said: “Keep your mouth shut, open your ears to hear the melody of the kitchen and open your eyes to watch around you, to minimise mistakes.” And here I am, standing where he used to be. 

  • To have guests returning back to my restaurant is the most rewarding element of my work. 

  • The person I most admire is my mum, she was a single parent taking care of my sister and me and when we were young that wasn’t easy. She’s very kind and forgiving. 

  • My goal for 2017, is to be the first Asian-muslim chef to be recognised by Gelinaz!, the collective of worldwide cutting edge chefs.

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