Reese Witherspoon: 'Jennifer Aniston is one of my sweetest friends'

ByTeam Ahlan!Tuesday , 08 October 2019
Reese Witherspoon: 'Jennifer Aniston is one of my sweetest friends'

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have been pals since the Friends star helped the young actress overcome her nerves on the set of the hit U.S TV show.

The 43-year-old starred as Jennifer's character Rachel Green's younger sister Jill in several episodes of the sitcom, and the pair quickly became firm friends.
Reflecting on her long-lasting friendship with Jennifer, with whom she stars in upcoming TV series The Morning Show, Reese told Natalie Portman in an interview for Harper's Bazaar:                                                                                  

"We met on the set of Friends; I played her sister. I was 23 years old and had just had a baby. I was nursing Ava on set, and Jen just kept going, ‘You have a baby?’ I was like, ‘I know, it’s weird.' I remember her being like, ‘Where are you going?’ And I was like, ‘I’m pumping!'"

"She was so sweet to me," Reese continued. "I was really nervous, and she was like, ‘Oh, my gosh - don’t worry about it!’ I marvelled at her ability to perform in front of a live audience like that with no nerves. They would change all the lines and she was just so effortlessly affable, bubbly, and sunny. We’ve been friends ever since.”

As well as her acting career, her clothing line, her media brand, her book club and her work with Elizabeth Arden, Reese has two children with ex-husband Ryan Philippe.
And asked by Natalie how she balances it all, she replied: "Let’s be real. Every working mother is still figuring these things out. But, honestly, I think women who are incredibly busy are the most productive people in the world. If I ever needed something done, I would ask the busiest woman I know." 

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