Are Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston Working On A 'Friends' Reunion?

Are Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston Working On A 'Friends' Reunion?

22 Mar 2018

This could be some major hope for 'Friends' fans...

Just last week, Matt LeBlanc shut down the idea of a Friends reunion, claiming no-one would find it funny, now that the characters are older. 

But now, it seems, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have been discussing the possibility of a Friends reunion.

Jennifer, 49, shot to fame playing Rachel Green on the NBC sitcom from 1994 to 2004, while Reese, 41, took on the role of her on-screen sister Jill for two episodes in 2000. And while the Horrible Bosses actress has been considering which direction her career should take next, a source has alleged that Reese has persuaded her to push on with a Friends reunion.

“They reminisced about the good old days on set, and Reese has now convinced Jen that there’s a huge audience appetite for a revival,” the insider told Britain’s Reveal magazine. “Jen’s already gone around to the rest of the Friends gang and hyped them up. Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are less enthused, but Reese is convinced she can talk them around and get them on board.”

The Hollywood stars became reacquainted after both landing roles on an unnamed Apple TV series, and the source claimed that Jennifer is full of praise for the Legally Blonde star’s impressive career history.

“Before they connected for their new TV show, Jen was complaining to mates that she felt like she was in a career rut,” they shared. “She’s sick of doing romantic comedies, and had privately admired how Reese has curated her career with great on-screen roles and major producing power behind the scenes.”

While the insider went on to add that Jennifer is “so excited” at the prospect of a Friends revival, Reese is apparently keen to get involved both on and off screen.

“Reese went as far as saying she wanted to executive produce and guest star once again as Jen’s little sister,” the insider claimed. “(Jennifer) and Reese are also talking about producing other projects together.”