Reese Witherspoon in Court for Parents' Bigamy Lawsuit

With her mum Betty accusing her dad John of bigamy, it's controversial times for Reese Witherspoon and her family
Monday , 14 May 2012
Reese Witherspoon in Court for Parents' Bigamy Lawsuit
Whose side will Reese Witherspoon be on?

Reese Witherspoon appeared in a Tennessee court on 11 May
in an emergency conservatorship case as her parents are involved in a
bigamy lawsuit.

Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon, known as Betty, filed a
lawsuit in Davidson County, Tennessee on 8 May alleging the Legally Blonde
star's father John Witherspoon wed another woman while still married to her.

She claims John exchanged vows with Tricianne Taylor on
14 January this year and she is seeking to have that union annulled, insisting
she doesn't want a divorce, despite the pair being separated for several years.

Reese joined her father in court in Nashville for a
closed hearing. She was videoed guiding her dad into the courtroom where
Probate Judge Randy Kennedy listened to the case.

According to The Tennessean, Judge Kennedy deals with
conservatorship and determining mental capacity. Betty claimed in her affidavit
that her 70-year-old husband was suffering from dementia, claiming he had no
clue who she was and denied knowledge of their marriage when she confronted him
about his new wife.

The judge sealed all records in the case and barred the media from the hearing.

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