Reese bruised after fall

Actress takes a nasty tumble
Tuesday , 08 December 2009
Reese bruised after fall

REESE WITHERSPOON is nursing a bruised foot after suffering a nasty tumble in a jet lag-induced haze.

The sleepy Walk the Line star had just woken up from a nap after arriving in London last week (ends06Dec09) when she tripped over herself - but she insists she didn't feel any pain because her foot had fallen asleep.

She then proved her bravery by forcing herself into a pair of staggering high heels to appear on U.K. talk show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, where she showed off the injury.

She told the host, "I think I broke my foot. I'm not sure, I haven't had a scan yet. I was taking a nap yesterday because I was real tired, I had jet lag. You know when your foot falls asleep... Then I stood up. Someone called me on the phone and I went to answer the phone, and I said, 'Oh I tripped over my shoe or something!' I looked down and it was my foot I had tripped over! And I hadn't had a thing to drink! I was stone sober! Then it swelled up and now it's all black and blue."