Reema Shetty & Alia Al Mazrouei

The passionate foodies who have gone mobile
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Reema Shetty & Alia Al Mazrouei
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Reema Shetty & Alia Al Mazrouei
• Over the past year we have launched our new company, The Foodsters Inc, and a few sub-brands through our mobile food trailers, The Shebi, offering street-fusion food, served from our Airstream trailer or tents at different events and markets, and Shmokins, our barbecue trailer.
• We’ve also launched Radish and Mint to create culinary experiences for special occasions. We collaborate with interior designers and architects to provide a tailored aesthetic to support the event.
• The third part of our business is supporting food and beverage people in developing new food concepts and menus. We take them right through to final delivery with staff and management training.  
• We have an incredible time and enjoy every minute of it, proving that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Added to that, we’ve been friends since school and love that we work with each other – it means we get to spend all day hanging out.  
• We strive to have likeminded people working with us to maintain a healthy and trustworthy environment and we’re extremely selective about who we work with and how each person fits with our business.  
• We just love entertaining, so even on a rare day off we’re happy to open up house and kitchen, try new recipes, and cater for family and friends at home.
• We’ve got five more concepts in the pipeline with our Asian Bao bun concept, Baozi, coming this year. 
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