Reem Abou Samra

The beauty salon founder who believes it’s all about the details
Monday , 03 April 2017
Reem Abou Samra
Reem Abou Samra
  • In the last year we launched José Eber La Loge, a salon par excellence located at The Address Montgomerie Dubai, modelled on the French concept of a private studio area dedicated to celebrities. We believe we’ve filled a niche in the beauty industry, which was previously lacking in the Middle East.

  • I manage all the minute details to reflect perfection. From press relations to products, treatments and service, and I’ve also given a great deal of focus to décor – it’s an example of the luxury and elegance for which La Loge is known.  

  • The best advice received from José Eber, is that we are different and we do not have   to compete.

  • Practicing yoga and meditation helped me to be focused and energised to have the will-power to achieve my goal.

  • When you love your work and what you do, it’s not work anymore, it’s a pleasure, you don’t watch the clock. Love is my secret: I love myself, I love the people around me, I love my work and my family. Love is everything and that’s why they call me Queen of Love. 


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