Reel cinemas open 24/7 for Eid weekend

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ByTeam Ahlan!Thursday , 08 August 2019
Reel cinemas open 24/7 for Eid weekend

If like us, your Eid plans include relaxing and catching up on missed movies, then the Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall is where you need to be!

With a wide selection of movies on their list and something in store for all ages, they’ve got you covered around the clock. They’re doing special screenings of ‘The angry birds’ and the Tagalog favourite, ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ along with other regular new releases.

Plus it’s the best way to beat the heat and escape the Eid rush, whilst snacking on popcorn and enjoying your favourite movie.

Reel Cinemas will remain open 24 hours on the first two days of Eid (August 11 and 12) and we’re guessing there will be some hustle for the tickets at the counter, so we recommend picking your film in advance and booking your tickets online for a hassle-free, fun experience.

Oh also, go to the Reel Cinema's Al Ghurair branch for a great deal on tickets. Buy a standard movie ticket for Dhs47.25, and get a large drink along with it.

Book your tickets right now to get the promotion from August 11th, to September 30th.

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