Recipe of the Week: Quinoa Salad

Bo House Cafe’s Executive Francesco Brocca makes a tasty quinoa salad
Recipe of the Week: Quinoa Salad
Quinoa salad

240g quinoa bio grains
80g yellow zuchinni
80g green zucchini
8g salt
8g black powdered pepper
80g red capsicum
80g yellow capsicum
60g basil
80g parmesan
140g sundried tomato, the type found in a bottle
20g capers
32ml olive oil
20g parsley
20ml lemon juice

1. Add quinoa to boiling water for 10 minutes and drain
2. Dice all the vegetables into 1cm cubes and sauté in frying pan
3. Allow all ingredients to cool, and mix together with lemon juice oil dressing
4. Cut the tomatos into long thin strips and garnish with parmesan cheese, olives and parsley