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Recipe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lunchbox

07 Jul 2015

Cowabunga baby!!!

Handful of red grapes
8 toothpicks
2 mini pita pockets
2 tbsp shredded cheese
4 slices pepperoni
1 green apple
1 orange rind
2 pretzel sticks
Small ball edible modelling dough
1 cup cooked pasta (or other background)
Black and blue food colouring
1 slice orange capsicum

1 Cut the apple in half and slice wedge from one half. Cut a matching sized wedge out of orange. Place the orange wedge inside apple where you cut the apple wedge from. Make shallow cuts for the eyes and mouth and peel off apple and orange skin. Use a small amount of blue food colouring on the orange peel for his eyes.
2 Cut a second piece from orange and trip to shape of mask "tail." Also rub orange juice on apple to prevent browning. In the main dish, place the head and the mask "tail." Pack pasta around the turtle so it doesn't move.
3 Break the pretzel sticks in half and mould modelling dough around each piece as shown for Michelangelo's nun chucks.
4 Mould a ninja star for an added effect.
5 Place the nun chucks and ninja star in main dish. You can also write "Cowabunga" on black food colouring on the sweet pepper or orange peel.
6 In the side dish, place the grapes. For a few of the grapes push toothpick pieces through for eyes and place them on top of the pile.
7 Cut mini pita pockets in half and sprinkle on cheese. Cut one piece of pepperoni in tiny pieces and place on top of cheese. Heat up in microwave for a few seconds. Once they are cool, place mini pizzas in second side dish. 

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