Lunchbox Dad

Recipe: Storm Trooper Lunchbox

07 Jul 2015

A packed snack that your little one is sure to eat!

1 grilled chicken breast, cut into strips
2 slices white cheese
2 cups black beans
1 flour tortilla
Star shaped crackers
4 tbsp hummus
1 mini cucumber
2 snap peas

1 Place the grilled chicken strips into the lunchbox main dish. Place the cheese on top (shredded or sliced), and then cover with the black beans.  Warm the beans first if you are serving them immediately. They can also be heated up at a different time if you are serving this lunch later.
2 This bean dish can be mixed up and eaten with a spoon or placed inside the tortilla Stormtrooper helmet like a wrap.
3 Cut the tortilla into the shape of a Stormtrooper's helmet. It is very similar to a bell shape. Cut out the eyes, mouth, and other facial features as shown in the picture. Use the first Stormtrooper helmet as a guide to cut out the second helmet. Do the same for the facial features.
4 Place both of the helmets on top of each other and place the helmets on the black beans. Sprinkle small pieces of cheese around the helmets to look like stars.
5 Cut the mini cucumber into slices. Cut the ends off of two snap peas. Slide the first snap pea onto a toothpick, then a cucumber slice, then a second snap pea. When finished, it should look like a TIE Fighter as shown in the picture.
6 Spoon the hummus into the lunchbox side dish and arrange one or two TIE Fighters on top of hummus. In second side dish, place the star shaped crackers. 

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