RECIPE: Salmon Fettuccine with Capers

RECIPE: Salmon Fettuccine with Capers

29 Aug 2013

This pasta dish from Dalia Dogmoch Soubra's cookbook Food, Love and Life from D's Kitchen is perfect for sharing



1 shallot, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

2 tbsp capers, chopped

3 twigs marjoram

½ tsp black cracked pepper

¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

½ cup non alcoholic white grape

1 cup fish or vegetable stock

1 cup light cooking cream

450g fresh salmon, cut into large chunks

1 pack (500g) of Fettuccine (or similar)

Salt, to taste


1. Heat a pan on medium-low heat and sauté the shallots in a little olive oil until soft and translucent, about 5 minutes. 

2. Add the garlic, capers, marjoram twigs, black pepper, and half the parsley. Cook for a few more minutes, then add the grape and reduce it by half.

3. Add the hot stock and cream, and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat, just until it slightly thickens.

4. Add the salmon and cook for another 5 minutes or so, just until the salmon is cooked through but not overcooked.

5. In the mean time, cook the fettuccine al dente, as instructed on the pack. Add last seasonings to the cream sauce, toss with the drained pasta, then sprinkle with the remaining parsley and a drizzle of olive oil before serving. Beautiful!