RECIPE: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lunchbox

A fun way to get your child to embrace healthy eating
ByJasmine BandaliMonday , 08 September 2014
RECIPE: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lunchbox

2 large hard-boiled eggs
4 large black olives
1 small red apple
4-6 baby carrots
A handful of fresh or dried fruit
A slice of Cheddar cheese
2 Romaine lettuce leaves
Black and red food colouring or food colouring marker

1 Cut about 6cm off the top of the eggs.
2 Place them bottom-side up and draw the facial features of Mickey and Minnie as shown in the picture.
3 Use either food colour markers or black food colouring to draw the facial features with a toothpick.
4 Repeat with the red food colouring for the tongues.
5 Cut a bow out of Cheddar cheese and decorate it using black food colouring.
6 Place the Romaine lettuce leaves in the bottom of your lunchbox.
7 Put Mickey and Minnie in the middle, as shown.
8 Place two black olives above each mouse to make the ears.
9 Set the cheese bow on top of Minnie’s ears.
10 Arrange baby carrots beneath the eggs and apple slices above them.
11 Scatter fresh or dried fruits around the container to give it a festive atmosphere.

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