Recipe: Marinated Lamb Cutlets with Spices

Head Chef Izu Ani of La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie reveals his recipe for a show-stopping dish
Wednesday , 17 February 2016
Recipe: Marinated Lamb Cutlets with Spices
Marinated lamb cutlets with spices
8 rack of lamb cutlets (roughly 750 to 800g, we use Welsh lamb)
A pinch of cumin seeds
1 clove of garlic, thinly sliced
A large pinch of fresh rosemary, picked
80ml clear honey
100g Korean spice paste (available from Asian grocery shops)
500ml olive oil
12ml apple cider vinegar
1. Preheat the oven to 180C. 
2. Place the cumin seeds into a small baking tray and roast in the oven 
for 4 minutes to release their aroma.
3. Shallow-fry the garlic in a frying pan until slightly golden. Remove from the heat and drain thoroughly ensuring the garlic is dry.
4. Shallow-fry the picked rosemary in a frying pan. Remove from the heat and drain thoroughly ensuring that the rosemary is dry and crispy.
5. Place all of the ingredients for the marinade into a blender and blitz together.
6. Place the 8 lamb cutlets onto a baking tray (You can ask your butcher to cut the rack into 8 cutlets for you). 
7. Brush the lamb with the marinade mixture using a pastry brush until it is thickly coated all over. Transfer the tray to the fridge and leave to marinate for 6 hours. 
8. Remove the lamb from the fridge and allow the meat to come to room temperature. 
9. Place the tray of lamb under a hot grill for approximately 2 to 3 minutes on each side to achieve a medium doneness with a pink centre.
10. Remove from the oven and allow the meat to rest for 3 minutes.
11. Then place back into the oven to heat it nicely for one minute, then it is ready to serve.
12. The lamb cutlets work beautifully served with some shallot purée and ratatouille on the side.
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