Recipe: Mallo Cups

Chocolatey goodness with a fluffy marshmallow centre
ByJasmine BandaliThursday , 18 June 2015
Recipe: Mallo Cups



375g milk chocolate
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 cup marshmallow fluff
1/3 cup unsweetened, flaked coconut

2 large egg whites
¼ tsp cream of tartar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
½ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup water
½ tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

1 Begin by preparing the marshmallow fluff. Add the egg whites and cream of tartar to the bowl of an electric mixer. Using the whisk attachment, beat until the egg whites are frothy.
2 Add the corn syrup, sugar and water to a small saucepan over a medium heat until the mixture boils.
3 Allow to boil for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sugar reaches soft-ball stage. To check this, you can drop a small amount into a bowl of cold water. If the threads are thick and can form a soft ball that is easily flattened when pressed, it’s ready.
4 With a hand mixer on medium speed, gently pour the hot syrup into the egg white mixture.
5 Add the vanilla extract and the salt, then increase the mixer speed to high and beat until stiff peaks form, about 5 minutes. Store the fluff in the fridge.
6 Line a standard size muffin tin with muffin cup liners.
7 Chop the flaked coconut into small pieces.
8 Melt the chocolate over a bowl set over a saucepan of boiling water, being mindful that the bowl does not touch the water. Once the chocolate has just melted, stir in the coconut oil until it is completely combined.
9 Spoon about 1 to 1 ½ tbsp of chocolate into the bottom of the muffin liners and use a spoon or pastry brush to bring the chocolate up over the sides.
10 Sprinkle the chocolate with a teaspoon or so of the coconut. Place the chocolate in the fridge or the freezer for 20 minutes, just so it becomes firm.
11 Spoon about 1 ½ tbsp of the marshmallow fluff into the chocolate cups.
12 Sprinkle the remaining coconut over the top of the fluff. Put the muffin tin back in the fridge or freezer so the marshmallow firms up, another 20 minutes or so.
13 If the remaining melted chocolate has started to firm up, re-melt it. Spoon it over top of the cups and smooth it out. Place the tin back in the fridge or freezer for another 20 minutes before serving. Keep cold.

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