Recipe: Legend's Striploin

Simply pair with homemade fries and bearnaise sauce
ByJasmine BandaliSunday , 27 September 2015
Recipe: Legend's Striploin
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WHAT: The striploin is a cut of beef steaks from the short loin. It consists of a muscle that does little work, making the meat particularly tender, though not as tender as the nearby rib eye or tenderloin, and it has a higher fat content than the latter. The chef recommends accompaniments of homemade French fries, mixed vegetables and Béarnaise sauce. 

Take the Striploin out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking to allow to come to room temperature. Heat a griddle or frying pan over a high heat, until smoking hot. Lightly brush the steaks with a little olive oil and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper just before cooking.

Timings are based on cooking a strip loin steak that's about 2½ cm thick. (Cooking times will vary depending on the type and thickness of the steak, and how hot your grill or pan is.) Turn the steaks until good sear marks are achieved, then turn them over and cook on the other side. For medium-rare, cook for 2 minutes on each side at 56C and 2¼ minutes at 60C for medium doneness. Allow the steak to rest for about 5 minutes before serving, to allow the juices that have been drawn to the surface to relax back into the meat

2 striploin pieces, about 300g each
1 tbsp olive oil
A pinch of salt
Coarsely ground black pepper, to taste
100g baby carrots
120g broccoli
80g yellow and green courgettes
80g assorted mushrooms
80g asparagus spears
30g butter
Salt and pepper, to taste
600g Agria or other floury potatoes
Salt and pepper, to taste
Vegetable oil for frying
FOR THE Béarnaise sauce
100g shallots, finely chopped
30g fresh tarragon leaves, chopped
4 tbsp water
60ml dry white wine, or white grape juice
60ml white wine vinegar
175g unsalted butter
3 egg yolks

1 Begin with the potatoes. Peel and cut into fries, about 1cm thick and about 8 to 10cm long. If you have a sous vide machine, vacuum seal the potatoes without overlapping them and sous vide for 45 minutes at 85C until perfectly tender. If you don’t have a sous vide, you’ll only need about 8 to 10 minutes to par boil them in boiling salted water before deep-frying, so adjust your preparation time accordingly and move this step to step 3.
2 Next, boil each of the vegetables except the mushrooms separately, in pans of salted water until tender. Drain each pan, then combine all the vegetables with the mushrooms and sauté in melted butter. Season with salt and pepper and set aside to keep warm.
3 For the Béarnaise sauce, place the shallots, tarragon, water, wine and vinegar in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Cook until the liquid has reduced by half. Strain through a sieve and reserve the liquid.
4 Melt the butter in a saucepan until foaming and then cook gently for a further minute until white foam begins to form on top. Skim the foam off and discard; then allow the butter to cool slightly.
5 Add the egg yolks and vinegar reduction to the bowl of a blender and blend slowly. Add the melted butter in a slow, steady stream until the sauce has thickened and all of the butter is incorporated. Take your time so as not to curdle the sauce. Transfer to a bowl and set aside until needed.
6 Rub the steak in oil and season with salt and coarsely ground black pepper.
7 Preheat your grill or frying pan and cook the steak for 10 to 15 minutes on each side for a well-done steak, or until cooked to your liking (as above). Leave aside to rest in a warm place.
8 Fry the homemade fries until golden brown with a crunchy outer crust.
9 Plate the fries with the steak and vegetables and a drizzling of Béarnaise sauce.



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