Lunchbox Dad

Recipe: Jessie Toy Story Lunchbox

07 Jul 2015

A rootin-tooting lunchbox fro a special cowgirl

2 slices bread
1 tbsp cream cheese
Food colouring
2 tbsp peanut butter (or nut spread substitute)
Slivered almonds (or shredded coconut)
3 tbsp strawberry jam
Handful of spinach leaves
7 star shaped crackers
1 red Fruit Roll-Up or fruit leather cut into strips
1 Babybel cheese
1 sliced apple
1 slice Cheddar cheese
Black edible modelling dough

1 Cut the face shape out of bread. Place dab of cream cheese on and flatten for the eyes. Create facial features with food colouring and a toothpick.
2 Cut cowgirl hat out of another slice of bread. Use a circle cookie cutter to make it easy. Spread jam on the hat and peanut butter on the other side of the bread face. Place two piece of bread together as shown. Place almonds (or coconut) around the edge of the hat.
3 Arrange red fruit roll strips in the shape of Jessie's hair and braid. Optionally, you can use a yellow piece as a hair ribbon. In main container place spinach leaves and place sandwich on top. Surround with star crackers.
4  Cut the boot shape from the wax in Babybel cheese. Place in side dish container.
5 Spread cream cheese over apple slice. Cut cheddar cheese in yellow pocket shape as shown. Flatten and shape black edible modelling dough into "cow" spots. Roll a small amount of red fruit roll up into a rope shape. Place all of these on the apple slice to form Jessie's pattern that she wears on her clothes. Place desired amount of apple slices in a side dish and place the decorated apple slice on top.