Lunchbox Dad

Recipe: Ghost Busters Bento

02 Jul 2015

A spook-tastic spread

1 red apple

1 tortilla

Black food colouring

1 box blackberries

Monster Munch chips

1 orange capsicum

4 snap peas

1 ghost peep 

Plastic Halloween decorations

1 Cut the ghost shape out of a tortilla. It is very easy to do with a sharp knife. Make the facial details with black food colouring. You could also make two pieces and melt cheese in between for a quesadilla. 

2 Slice a red apple into pieces and arrange them in the main dish in a circular pattern. Place the tortilla on top and one apple slice on top of that to finish the Ghostbuster logo.

3 Place the blackberries in side dish and arrange the Halloween decorations on top. In the second side dish, place sliced sweet pepper and snap peas. Drop a Ghost Peep on top. 

4 In the last side dish place some Monster Munch chips. In a leak proof container mix yoghurt with green food colouring to make the slime the Ghostbusters got covered with. 

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