Healthy Recipe: Fresh and Flavour-Packed Summer Salad

Dubai One's Saba Wahid offers up one cool dish this sizzling season
Monday , 04 July 2011
Healthy Recipe: Fresh and Flavour-Packed Summer Salad
Summer Salad

This cool and fresh Summery Salad is perfect for entertaining guests in the warm summer months.  It’s easy to make and will impress anyone who gets to enjoy it.  The key things to remember when making this salad are technique and proportions. And truffle oil is a fantastic ingredient that can turn an everyday dish from average to gourmet.  It’s a little on the pricey side, but worth investing in a bottle or two, especially if you like to have people over or want to pamper yourself with a special treat once in a while.


1 fresh fennel bulb
8-10 fresh radishes
16 oz. fresh arugula (rocket) leaves
1 cup fresh pomegranate seeds
½ cup shaved Grana Padano/parmesan cheese (optional)

½ cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
¼ cup white truffle oil
¼ cup lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Wash your vegetables thoroughly. Using either a mandolin or extremely sharp knife to shave or slice the fennel bulb.  The best technique is to place the fennel bulb on its side and begin from the bottom.  This will allow you to work with the natural layers of the fennel and give you beautifully cut pieces to work with.
2. Next, you can do the same with the radishes, using either the mandolin or sharp knife.  Set the ingredients aside and prepare the salad dressing.
3. In a medium measuring cup, pour the EVOO, mix in the truffle oil and lemon Juice.
4. Using a wire whisk, blend the ingredients together until emulsified.
5. Add seasoning and mix again.
6. Dress the salad immediately after the dressing ingredients are blended together.  If you allow the dressing to sit for a while, it will separate, but just keep the whisk nearby to stir it again.
7. In a large metal non-reactive bowl, add the arugula leaves, fennel slices, and radish rounds (reserve some for garnish).
8. Dress with half the dressing and save the rest on the side if anyone wants additional.
9. Now plate the salad in a large bowl, and top with pomegranate seeds, reserved radish rounds and some shaved Grana Padano (or parmesan). ENJOY!!!!

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