RECIPE: Finding Nemo Lunchbox

RECIPE: Finding Nemo Lunchbox

02 Sep 2014

A beautiful aquatic display


1 serving of goldfish crackers
1 serving shell shaped pasta, cooked according to packet instructions
1 piece broccoli
3 sugar snap peas
1 tiny sliver of white bread
3 pieces of dried mango
2 pieces Cheddar cheese
A handful of dried berries
1 tbsp graham cracker or digestive biscuit crumbs
1 yoghurt-covered raisin
1 package of blue jelly or clear version, prepared in a meal container
Black and orange food colouring or food colouring markers

1 Cut a circular-shaped head and fins out of dried mango for Nemo as shown in the picture

2 Cut the yoghurt covered raisin in half for eyes

3 Arrange the fins behind the head on top of the blue or clear jelly in the container.

4 Place the eyes on Nemo’s face.

5 Dip the end of a toothpick in black food colouring and use it to draw the details on Nemo’s fins and head.

6 Take the tiny sliver of white bread, outline in black and place it on his head as shown.

7 Draw the details on the eyes with black and orange food colouring.

8 Cut the cheddar cheese into three star shapes.

9 Place the shell pasta into the container and arrange the three cheese stars on top.

10 Break the sugar snap peas up into five pieces to make the turtle fins and the head.

11 Place the graham cracker or digestive crumbs in the container and arrange the sugar snap peas on top.

12 Place the broccoli on the peas to look like a turtle shell, as shown

13 Make eyes on the turtle face with black food colouring.

14 Surround with dried berries.

Beau’s tip
To hold food pieces in place you can use toothpicks, dried spaghetti or even cream cheese.