Recipe: Festive Pudding Truffles

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Tuesday , 02 December 2014
Recipe: Festive Pudding Truffles
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Festive Pudding Truffles 
These novelty puds will make you look like a domestic goddess
300g of your favourite fruit cake
150g milk chocolate buttons, melted 
120g white chocolate, melted
12 pieces of sugared rosemary (dip rosemary sprigs into hot water, sprinkle well with white sugar and allow to dry)
6 whole dried cranberries, cut in half
1 Add melted milk chocolate to the fruit cake mixture and mix through.
2 Roll into 12 balls, and place into the fridge until firm. 
3 Pipe the melted white chocolate on top of your truffles to resemble snow.
4 Place one sugared rosemary sprig on top with 2 pieces of dried cranberries to look like Christmas puddings.

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