Lunchbox Dad

Recipe: Dinosaur Lunchbox

07 Jul 2015

This will make them roar with delight

3 slices bread
1 slice white cheese
Sandwich filling
Handful of vegetable of choice
Handful of granola
1 hardboiled egg
Handful of raisins
1 tbsp cream cheese
1 strawberry
Handful of Graham crackers or cereal crumbs
Black food colouring

1 Cut the Triceratops shape out of bread. Cut the head, a circle for the body, and two rectangle shapes for the feet.
2 Paste the dinosaur body shapes together with which ever sandwich filling you choose. Cut the white facial and feet features out of sliced cheese. They don't have to be perfect just cut out one and use that to make the other ones that are like it. Paste them on with a dab of cream cheese.
3 For the black pupils, cut a black yoghurt covered raisin in half, but you could also use a regular raisin. Paste them on with dabs of cream cheese. The nostrils are made from black food colouring.
4 Place the vegetable background in the main container and place the dinosaur sandwich on top. Make sure the vegetables are dry so it doesn't make the sandwich soggy.
5 In one side dish place the hardboiled egg. Surround it with granola for a rock or sand type feel. Use a black marker to make a "crack" in the dinosaur egg like it is hatching.
6 For the volcano, cut off the bottom part of a strawberry. Hollow out the middle and slice "arm" shapes coming down so it looks similar to an octopus. Shape a small ball of cream cheese into a pyramid shape. Roll it in graham cracker or cereal crumbs. Press the strawberry down on top of cream cheese. Lightly press on the lava "streams" as well so they are even with the cream cheese and not just resting on top. This gives the illusion of lava flowing down the volcano.
7 Drop raisins in a side dish and place volcano on top. Sprinkle more raisins on the sides to keep the volcano from moving around.

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