RECIPE: Deep-Fried Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls

RECIPE: Deep-Fried Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls

15 Jan 2014

Use ready-made skins to make this classic Chinese appetiser at home

185g raw shrimps, finely minced 
16 readymade spring roll skins 
25g water chestnuts, roughly chopped  
20g leek, chopped 
2g crushed garlic 
Salt and pepper, to taste 

1. Mix the prawns, water chestnuts, leek and garlic together. Lay out the spring roll skins, fill them with the mixture and roll up, using a little water to seal the edges. Deep fry until golden, drain on some paper towels and serve with sweet chilli sauce. 

Always cook spring rolls as you need them, don’t cook in them advance as they become soggy very quickly.