Beetroot strudel with figs;In Season

Recipe: Beetroot and Fig Strudel

01 Jun 2015

An exciting twist on a German classic


680g fresh figs, stemmed, each cut into 6 wedges
680g firm but ripe beetroot
½ cup sugar
½ cup frozen cranberry-raspberry concentrate, thawed
1 ½ tsp grated lemon peel
6 tbsp dry breadcrumbs
4 tbsp sugar
1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
10 frozen filo sheets, thawed
¾ cup unsalted butter, melted

1 Preheat the oven to 180C and generously grease a large baking sheet with butter.
2 Place the figs in a single layer on the prepared sheet. Sprinkle with sugar.
3 Roast until tender and beginning to brown around the edges, about 20 minutes. Transfer the fruit and any juices from the baking sheet to a medium bowl and allow to cool.
4 Stir in the cranberry-raspberry concentrate and lemon. Chill in the refrigerator until cold.
5 Butter another large baking sheet. Mix the breadcrumbs, 3 tbsp sugar, and 1 tsp cinnamon in a small bowl.
6 Place a kitchen towel on a work surface. Place 1 filo sheet on the towel with the short end towards the edge of the work surface (cover the remaining filo with clingfilm, with a damp tea towel on top). Brush the filo sheet with some melted butter and sprinkle with 1/8 of the breadcrumb mixture.
7 Top with the second filo sheet. Brush with some more melted butter and sprinkle with 1/8 of the breadcrumb mixture. Repeat with 2 more filo sheets. Top with a fifth filo sheet and brush with some melted butter, without the breadcrumbs.
8 Using a slotted spoon, place half of the fig mixture along 1 short side of the filo stack, spreading in a 7cm-wide strip, leaving a 2cm plain border on the long sides.
9 Sprinkle ½ tbsp sugar and ¼ tsp cinnamon over the fig mixture. Fold the long sides of the filo in, over the filling. Brush the folded sides with melted butter.
10 Starting at the filled short side, roll up the filo, enclosing the filling completely. Brush all over with the melted butter.
11 Place the strudel, seam side down, on a baking sheet. Repeat the assembly process to make the second strudel.
12 Position a rack in centre of the oven and preheat to 190C. Brush the strudels lightly with melted butter.
13 Bake until golden brown – about 20 minutes – then allow to cool for 10 minutes. Using a serrated knife, cut each strudel diagonally into 4 pieces. Discard the ends. Serve with salad.