Edible Spa Shoot

Recipe: Bath Bombs

28 Jun 2015

Put some fizz into your body soak


¾ cup baking soda
2 cups cornflour
6 drops food colouring
5 to 6 drops essential oil
1 cup citric acid

1 Sift the baking soda, citric acid, and cornflour through a sieve to remove chunks.
2 To make different tints, fill small spritzer bottles with water and add 6 drops of food colouring to each.
3 Pour 1 cup of the powdered mixture into a glass bowl. Lightly spritz, stirring after each spritz, until the powder is your desired colour.
4 Add water slowly, so that the mixture does not fizz. Check the consistency of powder with your fingers. When it can be tightly packed or shaped, stop spritzing.
5 Add 5 to 6 drops of essential oils. Mix well.
6 Firmly pack mixture into small baking moulds. Use roughly ¼ cup for each bomb, which is good for one bath. Allow the mixture to set for 2 hours, and then pop out carefully.
7 Pop into the bath for a burst of aroma.


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