Rebecca Treston’s The Blooming Lovely Challenge

Beauty Editor Naomi tries it out…
ByNaomi ChaddertonTuesday , 09 February 2016
Rebecca Treston’s The Blooming Lovely Challenge

Be it breakouts, dull-looking skin or a few extra inches around the waistline, there are a number of problems I, along with a large percentage of the female population, have to deal with on a daily basis.  To attain perfect skin and a stress-free mindset, we need to overhaul our diet and learn the habits that will create an all-round healthier lifestyle. So when I heard about Rebecca Treston’s Blooming Lovely Challenge - a programme that promises to ensure optimum health, well-being and skin radiance – I was instantly intrigued. A 30-day challenge, Rebecca helps participants understand the essentials that are required to look after the skin, inside and out. Here I’ll be giving you a week-to-week update of my progess so stay tuned!


Having just completed a two-week course with a personal trainer, I was feeling good about my body and ready to kick-start a new regime for my skin, too. I’ve had some pretty bad breakouts as of late, and also signs of rosacea were beginning to appear on my cheeks, so I was looking forward to getting that sorted.

We started off with a ‘Visia’ session, which basically analyses your skin based on a number of factors including spots, wrinkles, UV damage and pores. Measuring you on a scale of 0 percent – 100 percent, with 100 being perfect, these results are used to detect how your skin changes over the course of the month. My results were as follows:

Spots: 47%

Wrinkles: 71%

Texture: 92%

Pores: 81%

UV Spots: 60%

Brown Spots: 62%

Red Areas: 56%

Rebecca then goes on to recommend a number of skin treatments each session, starting off with three 15-minute procedures during my first visit:

1.       Viora Pristine Microdermabrasion

This diamond peel microdermabrasion treatment is an award-winning procedure as a non-invasive exfoliation method. It works to resurface the skin to diminish the appearance of blemishes and flaws, such as sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and even acne scarring. It basically feels like a gentle vacuum that is applied all over your face, and uses diamond tips to effectively remove dead skin cells.

2.      IPL

This Intense Pulse Light photofacial uses intense pulses of light to penetrate deep into the skin. It’s hot, but they blow cool air on you at the same time so it doesn’t feel too painful. There are certain areas it hurts more – for example when applied over my rosacea – but it is definitely bearable.  It works to enhance collagen supplies and cause blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines.

3.     Quanta Duetto Laser for rosacea

The Duetto laser is an effective treatment for rosacea and it works by eliminating the malfunctioning blood vessels under the skin which make the face red. Using a laser once again, it heats up the blood vessels by emitting specific wavelengths of light targeted just under the skin. Heat from the laser's energy builds in the vessels, making them collapse and disappear.

It’s only week one, so I haven’t seen a change as of yet, but I’m looking forward to going back next week for my second round of treatments. Rebecca has also promised to arrange a new line of skincare for me, so I’m excited to try my new goodies!